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Very often, Awards are needed for tomorrow. But you can only collect standard prizes so quickly. Individual products have technological conditions that cannot be jumped over. Therefore, the duration of individual orders is 3-7 days, depending on the complexity and volume.

This is not a problem at all, but we employ highly professional designers who are happy to implement your most refined idea.

Of course, given the current situation, there is such a possibility and it would be untrue to say otherwise, but we have completely secured our finances and are 100% responsible to all customers.

We have been working for a very long time and know the market very well. Therefore, we form fair prices. We always make interesting offers for good clients. 90% of our customers become regular customers and we are proud of it.

The price is influenced by many factors: quantity, complexity, production time, materials. By ordering in advance, you can already significantly reduce the cost. By increasing the number, each unit will cost you less. Choosing a simpler material will also reduce the cost of the prize, but it can lead to a deterioration in the appearance. Let’s make prizes that are nice to give away.

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Who our company works for, making cups, medals, statuettes...?

Rewards are a material reminder of our new experiences and experiences. This is something that gives reason for pride not only to its owner, but also to his relatives.

1) if you are the organizer of competitions, festivals, competitions, then you should definitely contact us! Here you can always find at low prices wholesale and retail:


  • Award Cups with an engraving or a special plaque. On the base of the cups we will apply any beautiful individual inscription. You can order any size and for any budget.
  • Award medals, different sizes, made of metal, wood, glass, acrylic. Standard and individual. The latter can be ordered at almost the price of standard ones, but no one else will have such awards. For them, you can order an individual ribbon for medals of any color with any pattern.
  • Statuettes on various topics – Nick, Oscar, Stars, Dances, various sports and activities. Made of plastic, metal, ceramic and plaster. Different sizes and different colors.
  • Award Diplomas (certificates) – A wide variety of individual diplomas made of wood, acrylic and, of course, traditional paper certificates. Such awards can be presented not only at competitions, but also as gifts for birthdays, to celebrate distinguished employees, and even simply to decorate the office.
  • Badges – we make them in any size and from different materials.

2) If you need corporate gifts, souvenirs. Or you need to congratulate colleagues or management, gifts for an anniversary or for any holiday, then it is again to us.

3) You are an entrepreneur and you need wooden decorative packaging, production of various products from wood or plastic, metal… We not only do all this, but also provide various services for milling, cutting, engraving, color direct printing…

4) You need different decor for home or office, again at your service.

5) If you are a businessman or just want to start a business, then our special wholesale prices are for you. We are manufacturers and direct suppliers of almost all of our products.

Our prizes and awards decorate events in all cities of Ukraine: Kharkiv, Kyiv , Lviv , Dnipro , Chernihiv , Cherkasy , Uzhgorod , Zaporozhye , Poltava , Kryvyi Rih , Mykolaiv , Vinnytsia , Kherson , Khmelnytskyi , Zhytomyr , Sumy , Equally , Ivano-Frankivsk , Kamianske , Krapyvnytskyi , Ternopil , Kremenchuk , Lutsk , White Church , Brovary , Nikopol , Chernivtsi , Pavlograd , Odesa

We manufacture for almost all types of sports:

badminton , Basketball , Baseball, Boxing , struggle , weightlifting , Cycling , Rowing, Sailing, Water polo, Volleyball , Handball , Sports gymnastics , Artistic gymnastics, Judo , synchronized swimming, Swimming , Softball, Diving, Trampoline jumping, Archery, Shot put, Bench shooting, Modern pentathlon, Tennis , Table Tennis, Triathlon, Taekwondo (VTF), Fencing , Football , Field hockey, Bobsled, Skating, Ski racing, Skiing, Ski jumping, Luge, Snowboarding, Figure skating, Freestyle, Ice hockey, Short track, Athletics

Non-Olympic sports:

Acrobatic rock and roll , Mountain climbing , American football, Armsport , Aikido, Bodybuilding , all-around , bowling , Billiard sports , Sambo, Military sports all-around , Water skiing, workout , Kettlebell sport , Town sport, Golf , Jiu-Jitsu, Karate , skittles Cossack duel, MMA , Powerlifting, Paintball, Polyathlon, Rugby, Hand-to-hand combat, Fishing , Rock climbing, Sports aerobics, Sports acrobatics, Sports orienteering, Sports dancing , Speleology, Sports tourism, Sports bridge, Crossbow shooting, Skil, Sumo, Thai boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo (ITF), Universal combat, Wushu, Fitness, Futsal, Chess , Checkers, Free fight, Tug of war, Pankration, Aesthetic anthem, Cheerleading, Belt wrestling, squash, Dragon boat rowing, Heroic all-around, Professional boxing, Beach handball, Kurash wrestling, Savati French boxing, Beach football, Alysh belt wrestling, Streetball, Dance sports, Wakeboarding, Sporting, Jumping on an acrobatic track, Ukrainian hand-to-hand “Spas” “, Horting, Aquabike, Aviation sports, Automobile sports, Helicopter sports, Water motor sports, Pigeon sports, Hang gliding sports, Equestrian sport, Karting, Airplane, Marine all-around, Motorcycle sport, Motoball, Pankration, Parachute sports, Paragliding sports, Gliding sports, Air sports, Fire and applied sports, Underwater sports, Model rocket sports, Radio sports, Snow kiting, Sports with dogs, Sports of ultralight aircraft, Model ship sports.

Miscellaneous : universal topics , music , KVK (KVN) , festivals , school , IT

If you do not find a product on our website, be sure to ask our managers. Not all of our products are listed on our website.