Very important: The constructor is not the final ordering and design tool. A real order is made after all questions are agreed with the manager. After that, a real design is made, which is finally approved by you and only after that production begins.

Instructions:to see the preliminary design of the medal, you need to fill in all the fields. if you have your own logo , download it and click “Create A Medal“. Only then will your medal appear.

Then click “find out the price ” and get an offer from our company.

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Frequently asked questions:


We make medals from metal (black metal, Cam and stainless steel), acrylic, glass, wood.

We use the technology of stamping, etching, laser cutting, casting…

We use UV printing, laser engraving, and milling operations.

Ribbon for medals is satin or turnip. If necessary, apply a print.

Production time?

Each medal is unique, because you choose the font, material, size and colors. After all, this is a model for understanding your desires.
After receiving these tasks, the designer makes a layout that is approved by you. After that, we start making the medal.
The period from the moment of placing an order to how you receive the medals is about 14 days.

Payment and delivery

We make individual products only by prepayment. We deliver to any city in Ukraine.
Is it expensive? No!!! The cost is not always higher than standard medals. The price depends on the material, number and size of medals.
The development of the medal layout is included in the price of the entire order.


Since 2005, we have been working on the quality of our products so that they can meet the needs of the most demanding customer.
They order medals from us for events of the highest level and we simply have no right to let them down.
Our clients include international and national federations and international companies.

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