Award winning GOLF CHALLENGE

54 Ціна сьогодні

Мінімальна сума замовлення стандартних товарів 200 грн. Індивідуальних 500 грн.

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The GOLF CHALENGE award is an original and solid Award for winners or prize-winners, laureates of sports competitions, Professional, industry and other competitions. Despite its small size, the prize is weighty in the hand, looks solid and stylish both during the presentation, and on the shelf at home, in the Office of a businessman, Sports Club. This result is achieved through the use of solid glass and nickel-plated steel in the manufacture of the product.

Features and benefits of the model

GOLF CHALLENGE award prizes for many sports and industry competitions are just perfect due to the associations they evoke. For example, the shape itself resembles a hockey puck, a curling stone, or a basketball hoop ring. The pattern applied to the glass is associated with balls (football, volleyball, tennis, golf, etc.). D.) or the public watching the competition. In each case, the prize represents an enlarged medal, that is, a well-known form of award.
So, the prize offered on this page is:
* Original and effective appearance
* Direct associations with competitions and individual sports
* Weight in the hand
* High quality workmanship
* – Solidity due to the use of broken glass and nickel-plated metal, the prize is presented as a sample, when manufacturing we will make a completely new design for your event.

The price depends on the quantity, terms and layout design. For all questions to buy or find out the price, contact the managers.


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