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  • Award winning GOLF CHALLENGE

    The GOLF CHALENGE award is an original and solid Award for winners or prize-winners, laureates of sports competitions, Professional, industry and other competitions. Despite its small size, the prize is weighty in the hand, looks solid and stylish both during the presentation, and on the shelf at home, in the Office of a businessman, Sports…

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  • Нагорода зі скла та дерева GOLF KEMPINSKI  Висота 20см PAD2040

    Glass and Wood Award GOLF KEMPINSKI Height 20cm PAD2040


    The GOLF KEMPINSKI glass and wood award is a great award for winners and prize-winners participating in competitions. You can see that the prize is medium-sized, although quite weighty in the hand, which is made of wood and glass. It will leave a memory of the competitions in which the owner participated and the emotions…

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